Credit Repair Sales Scripts

[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]A sales script for credit repair is essential for anyone that is new to the business or new to selling to poor credit mortgage applicants. People who have bad credit and want a mortgage have a specific goal in mind. Their goal isn’t to improve their credit, it is to get into a home. The analogy I like to use is that selling credit repair is like selling root canals. The patient just wants to end the pain – they often have no interest in a root canal.

Your job is to convince the prospect that a root canal will end the pain. Before he lets you do such delicate surgery he needs to be convinced that this is the proper course of action and that you are the person that will do it. This is no easy task.

There are 4 steps to any sale. Use the script snippets below to incorporate into your own sales script. The minimum time required to make a first call close will be about 20 minutes but the average time is more like 45 minutes.

Establishing Rapport

Your first contact with the prospect will set the tone for how your relationship will progress. Smiling and using phrases like “How are you today(name)?” or “How is your day going?” is the same as a verbal handshake that makes people feel comfortable and invites them to connect with you on a more personal level. Say their name at least twice during this stage. People buy from people they like and trust. People like people that say their name and keep the conversation focused on them. You don’t have to like your customers but they have to like you if you want them to be customers. Establishing rapport will take one to five minutes.



Hi (NAME), this is _____ ______ I am responding to your online mortgage application. How are you today?

(NAME) Let me go through your information I have here and fill in a few blanks to get started Okay?

So you are looking to buy a house in the (CITY) area right?

Do you already have a house in mind?

What is the purchase price or price range you are looking at?
(Rule of thumb: Should be less than 3 to 4 times annual income.)

What is your annual income? Does that include a co borrower?

Have you saved at least 5% to put down?
(FHA requires 3.5% and you’ll have some closing costs).

Establishing Trust

Make your conversation about them. Encourage the prospect to talk about their favorite subject: themselves.

Repeat information about them back to them so that know that you were listening and then move the conversation to the service you offer. Give them at least three reasons to trust you. Let them get to know you on a personal level. Tell them your story of how you got into the business and how it helped you and your customers. You should spend 4 – 6 minutes on this part of your sales interview.

Do you know your credit score? (Most lenders want 640 or better)

Why is it so low?

What negative items do you have on your report?

(NAME) Your qualifications seem to be in order the only thing is that we have to get some of those items removed from your credit report. (NAME)
I have worked with (thousands, hundreds, scores, dozens a handful) of people who had the same problem. The good news is that I was able to get them into homes by fixing their credit scores.(tell your personal story)

Presenting the Solution

After you have gotten to know the prospect tell them the features and benefits of your service. Make a list of the top three features and benefits and write them into your script. This will take 5 to 20 minutes to present to the prospect.


Increase Credit Score
Buy a house
Get online tracking
See your progress
Low Price
Save Money
Do you want to know how our program works?
We remove negative items from your credit reports, this will increase your score so you can get a mortgage. We do this by writing dispute letters and sending them to creditors and the credit reporting agencies. They have to remove the disputed items according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

We also provide an online platform so you can see the progress of your case at any time.
(Name) can you get in front of your computer so I can show you how our system works?Great, check your email, I sent you a link to the site.Here is where you log on and here is where you can see your score and the disputes that have been made.

Spend a few minutes explaining what each feature and benefit does for them. After you have explained how your program works and what they get, then you can tell them the price and ask for the order. Typically they prospect will ask the price of your service when he decides that he needs it. Wait for that moment and frame your answer around a closing question. If they are not ready to buy now, find out why and schedule a meeting for another time.

Asking for the order

Don’t go to this step unless you have completed all the steps above. This is the most challenging part of sales cycle for any sales person. You can ask for the order directly or you can be subtle. It depends on your personality. Be bold in closing. Sugar coat the closing question by asking them a question related to their goal. This part will take 5 -20 minutes depending on your signup process. Here are some closing questions.

(Name), Do you want to get in that house soon? Let’s get you started on our plan today Okay?”

(Name), would you be more inclined to go with the $99 monthly plan or the $299 unlimited plan to get the ball rolling?

(Name) are you ready to move forward to get into that house now?

Can we start the process now?

After the prospect agrees to become your customer – be quiet. Answer specific questions and move to the next step of your sign up process. There is an ancient story about a man who is said to have killed 1000 enemies with the jaw bone of an ass. The same weapon is used everyday to kill the same number of potential sales. Resist the temptation to speak even if there is a long silence.
After the sign up process is completed, remind your customer of the good decision he made and move on to the next prospect.