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Cherry Picked and Live Transfer Credit Repair Leads

Credit repair leads are now available for either live transfer, real time email delivery or cherry pick from our massive database.  These consumers have all indicated that they want to get help improving their credit score.

See the leads before you buy them, set a real time flow, buy vintage leads. Register for free and get credit repair leads free.

Current Pricing as of Sept 15 2016

Real Time - emailed to you as they are submitted
As low as $1.25
Aged Leads  -15 days old
$0.77 each
Aged Leads - 30 days old
$0.47 each
Unscreened Inbound Poor Credit Mortgage Calls
 As low as $2.25
Qualified Outbound Warm Transfer Credit Repair Calls
As low as $14.95


Live Transfer Credit Repair Leads

Live Transfer Credit Repair Leads

Outbound Warm Transfer Leads
We make outbound calls to would be mortgagees who have previously requested help to improve their credit score.  We call them with a live operator, confirm their interest then we transfer them live to you.   Call (855) 742-2733 for more information and current pricing. See the outbound call script.

Inbound Live Transfers
Live Poor Credit Mortgage Calls Price - As low as $2.25 ea.  NO MINIMUM. Now that's cheap credit repair leads!  - These people have poor credit and call in to get a mortgage.  Use our inbound call script to qualify them for credit repair yourself.  No minimum order!

How to use self serve system to get Internet credit repair leads:

How to get live inbound calls:

How do I get started?

  Register for service, fund your account with as little as $50 then select leads or set up an order to have fresh leads delivered automatically or set up an order for live calls.

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What is a credit repair lead?

A credit repair lead is a set of data (or phone call) corresponding to a consumer that has indicated an interest in obtaining third party help to remove negative items from their consumer credit report.  See a sample credit repair lead.

Who buys credit repair leads?

Credit repair leads also known as credit restoration leads are purchased by business people that offer credit report repair service to consumers.  Attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, bankers and work at home entrepreneurs have all purchased credit repair leads from Mortgage Leads Network.

How are the credit repair leads obtained?

We publish pay-per-click mortgage and foreclosure help ads on the Internet that attract consumers who are in need of credit repair help to our lead generation websites. If the consumer indicates that they have poor or fair credit our questionnaire asks "Do you want help improving your credit score?"  If the answer is yes the lead is designated as a credit repair lead.

Who is Mortgage Leads Network?

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